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Tutorial 3 - Adding a Skybox to Rage 3D

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Tutorial 3 - Adding a Skybox to Rage 3D

In this tutorial we add a skybox to the scene and make it visible.

This tutorial is a continuation on the previous one called "Loading a Predefined Object in Rage 3D"

To load the Skybox we use rglInitEnvironmentSkybox
the engine automatically manages the skybox so there is no need to destroy it later.

 rglInitEnvironmentSkybox('Data/FR.jpg', 'Data/BK.jpg', 'Data/LF.jpg', 'Data/RT.jpg', 'Data/Up.jpg', 'Data/DN.jpg');

To make the skybox visible we use rglSetEnvironmentSkyboxVisibleFlag


And that is basically it!
Nothing else is needed.

Download the code

Please note: In order to use and compile any of these tutotrials, you will need to download the Binary and Art for the engine


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