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Screen Shots of Rage Engine

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Screen Shots of Rage Engine

Click on an image for a bigger version.

Some of the meshes and images used in the screen shots below are copyrighted by Emperion Empire, and will not be distributed with the game engine.

Stress test: includes smoke particle engine, lens flare, skybox, water, hud objects, terrain and buildings

smoke particle engine, lend flare, skybox, water, hud objects, terrain and buildings

Blended distance sorting test

blended distance sorting

Playing around with material properties in the DDI map editor

environment mapped pickup truck environment mapped pickup truck with skybox backdrop

Frustrum culling test


First view of the skybox


Testing the character animation on multiple characters

character animation

Some old Screen Shots of the Rage Game Engine

Here are two screen shots of the scene graph and occlusion nodes of the engine.
They where made on 2004/11/04 and rendered on a Geforce MX 440.

scene graph in ragegl scene graph in ragegl


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