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Current Features in Rage 3D

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Current Features in Rage 3D

Rage GL features

  • Frustum Culling.

  • Full Scene Management using scene graph.

  • Several particle systems (some still under development).

  • Built in Bumpmapping.

  • Character animation with weighted blending.

  • Distance blending.

  • Supports full OpenGL 2.0 specifications.

  • Material state management.

  • Inherent support for GLSL.

  • Custom GLSL shaders.

  • Many shaders under development including water shader.

  • Dynamic object paths.

  • Mouse selection of objects.

  • Custom OpenGL functions.

  • Camera movement, mouselook and rotation functions built in.

  • Built in FPS calculator.

  • Interfaces for loading proprietry mesh formats.

  • Billboarding on any or all axii.

  • Several debug functions to make the development life cycle shorter.

  • Inherent 3DS import support.

  • Several predefined objects easily added to the scene.

  • Many environment functions added, including Fog, Lens flare and Skyboxes.

  • Animated textures, Cubemaps, Sphere maps and material lighting is also supported.

  • Easily create cube maps directly from the engine to files on your hard disk with one function call.

  • Rendering surface created from inside the DLL, or using a supplied rendering surface.

  • Move,rotate and scale selected objects in the scene.

  • Hide or show the windows cursor.

  • Key handling done using event callback system.

Image formats supported :
  • jpg

  • bmp

  • tga

  • dds (In progress)


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