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Rage 3d game engine team

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Rage 3d game engine team

Team and contributors

Below is a list of everyone that has contributed to the Rage 3D game engine project.


Maarten "McCLaw" Kronberger
Jon "Tux" Walton
Okulov "Sniper17" Rostislav
Luuk "seriva" van Venrooij
Johan "caperaven" Rabie
Brian Southon

Sascha "Sash" Pathe
Jan "VPR" Smolders
Maarten "McCLaw" Kronberger
Matt "Anarchist" Weaver

If you would like to join our project you can send me an email with the details of what your skills are, and what you would like to contribute to the games / game engine.

Please note that is is an open source project, and that you will not be compinsated for your work.


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