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Tutorial 1 - Creating a Window in Rage 3D

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Tutorial 1 - Creating a Window in Rage 3D

Creating a Window in Rage 3D

In this tutorial we will create a rendering window from the RageGL dll.

This window will already have OpenGL initialised once it is created.

We use one call to create and initialize the window


For usage of this function see the interface documentation

The actual code to create the window looks like this:


800 : is the width of the render window

600 : is the height if the render window

32 : is the pixel depth of the window

false : meens that we dont want the window to be full screen

@SceneOnAfterInit : is the callback function that will be called once, after the window has been created.
We use this it to load any maps or set any engine properties before the game itself commences.

@SceneOnBeforeRender : is the callback function that is called before each frame is rendered.
You can use this to adjust things like camera speed,etc...

@SceneOnAfterRender : is the callback function that is called after each frame has rendered.
Anyting you want to do after the scene has completed its last render can be added here

Download the code

Please note: In order to use and compile any of these tutotrials, you will need to download the Binary and Art for the engine


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