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procedure rglSetDynamicBillboardPropAxis(
const aObjectIndex: Integer;
const aBBCamPosX, aBBCamPosY,aBBCamPosZ : Single;
const aBBCamUpX, aBBCamUpY, aBBCamUpZ : Single;
const aBBAxisX, aBBAxisY, aBBAxisZ : Single );

Set the camera billboard properties of the object and its rotation axis.

aObjectIndex - A Reference to one of the previously created dynamic objects
aBBCamPosX, aBBCamPosY,aBBCamPosZ - current position of the camera

aBBCamUpX, aBBCamUpY, aBBCamUpZ - The up vector of the camera.

aAxisX, aAxisY, aAxisZ - the axis that the object should rotate on.

This flag is implemented for all dynamic objects except animated bone meshes. Only use this when billboard type is RGL-BBT-ARB-AXIS. NB : This is slightly slower than rglSetDynamicBillboardProp and should be avoided if at all possible.


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