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function rglLoadDynamicPredefined(
const aDynObjectType : TRGLDynamicObjectTypes;
const aMaterialIndex : Integer;
const aPosX, aPosY, aPosZ, aPitch, aYaw, aRoll : Single;
const aWidth, aHeight, aDepth : Single) : Integer;

Load a predefined object (Quad or Cube)

aDynObjectType - Constant defined in RageExposedTypes.pas can be RGL-DYN-OBJECT-CUBE or RGL-DYN-OBJECT-QUAD
aPosX, aPosY, aPosZ - position vector of the object

aPitch, aYaw, aRoll - set the rotation of the object

aWidth, aHeight, aDepth - size of the object


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